WD-40 Classic | Multi-purpose Oil Spray

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Shouldn't be missing in any workshop: WD-40 Classic Multi-purpose Oil: cleans and cares for all kinds of bicycle parts, penetrates rust layers, dissolves stuck mechanics and seized parts, displaces moisture and leaves a thin protective film that prevents the formation of new moisture and rust on metal parts. Silicone-, teflon- and resin-free.The product was developed in 1953 as an agent for water displacement and corrosion protection. The name WD-40 is derived from "Water Displacement perfected on the 40th try". More modern rust removers contain molybdenum sulphide MoS). The rust dissolving and creeping properties are partly better, but due to the sulphide input the protective effect is not long-term. For stubbornly rusted connections, the success rate is higher with WD-40. as this also has a long-term effect. If a rust solution with WD-40 is not possible, the parts can usually only be separated by heating the components or by force. Available as a spray can with 100ml or 400ml content (please select).